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We offer great prices on Solar Storm  home tanning beds and Solar Storm commercial tanning beds and commercial tanning booths.



Home Tanning Beds:
Solar Storm 24S 110V With PW Lamps
Solar Storm 24R 220V PW Lamps
Solar Storm 32S 110V PW Lamps

Commercial Tanning Beds:
Solar Storm 24C 220V PW Lamps
Solar Storm 32C 220V PW Lamps
Solar Storm 36 Lamp Tanning Booths
Solar Storm 48 Lamp Tanning Booths


Note: All Solar Storm tanning beds come standard in the color black.  Red or silver can be purchased for an additional $99.00.
All Solar Storm tanning beds come standard with arm and facial lamps in the canopy and Wolff CC lamps in the bench.
Upgrade your tanning lamps to a BRONZING bulb by Wolffô for an additional $2.00 per bulb/lamp!

Purchase a New Solar Storm Tanning Bed or Booth Today and Buy with Confidence.

We are an Authorized Dealer of New Solar Storm Tanning Beds and New Solar Storm Tanning Booths.


Experience the ultimate in home tanning today!  The Solar Storm tanning bed series, you can expect a salon quality tanning experience without leaving the privacy and comfort of your own home.  The Solar Storm tanning bedís high performance features are paired with a 30% larger tanning surface that promises quicker tanning results while providing maximum comfort for the user of a Solar Storm tanning bed.
The Solar Storm tanning bed series promises the ultimate in sun kissed good looks without compromising your comfort or your time.   The Solar Storms tunnel design and high output lamps surround you with efficient, high powered Ultra Violet (UV) light which ensures that you will spend less time tanning and more time showing off your hot new tan.

Solar Storm tanning beds are made with solid quality construction and will last for years while providing a high quality tanning experience for the tanning bed user.  Solar Storm tanning beds have a large roomy tanning area for maximum comfort.  Solar Storm tanning beds offer more room than some other tanning bed brands on the market today.  Solar Storm tanning beds are a great option for people of a larger size or men who wish to tan at home in comfort.


**Solar Strom residential tanning beds come standard in the color black.  If you wish to purchase a Solar Storm tanning bed in the red or silver color that is an extra charge for the upgraded color.  Upgrade your color option when you order your Solar Storm tanning bed for an extra $99.00!
Solar Storm tanning beds come 90% assembled for your convince.  The Solar Storm tanning bed is very easy to assemble.  You will just need to install the tanning bed legs, tanning bed shocks, and arms onto your tanning bed when you receive it. 
Your Solar Storm tanning bed will come with a pair of tanning goggles and Owner's Manual.  It is important for proper eye care while tanning that you always use tanning goggles to protect your eye from the (UV) Ultra Violet light that your tanning lamps (bulbs) produce.  Always wear your safety goggles when tanning inside of your tanning bed or booth.

**Only use approved goggles as defined under 21 CFR 1040.20. 

Regular sunglasses will NOT provide adequate protection from the UV light while you are tanning in your tanning bed.

* Follow the guidelines for your skin type and exposure times according to your Solar Storm tanning bed model in your owners manual.
* Please read the Owner's manual that will come with your Solar Storm tanning bed before use and follow all instructions for assembly.  Retain your manual for your records and future reference.  Your Owner's manual will have a recommendation for a tanning schedule for your skin type.  This will provide the user of the Solar Storm tanning bed the best possible tanning experience.

NOTE: People with very fair skin that don't tan in the sun or burn very easily should not use a tanning bed or booth.  Never tan more than once a day.  Tanning normally appears after the first few sessions and maximizes after about four weeks.  Tan once or twice a week there after to maintain your tans appearance.  Refer to your owner's manual that cames with your tanning bed for the tanning schedule tath is proper for your skin type.


Indoor Tanning Tips:

1). Follow the tanning schedule for your skin type and always use tanning goggles.

2). Always apply a indoor tanning lotion before tanning to keep your skin moist while tanning in your Solar Storm tanning bed or tanning booth.

3). Keep your tanning bed acrylics clean to allow the UV light through.  Use ONLY a cleaner approved for tanning bed acrylics.  A non-approved tanning bed acrylic cleaner can damage your tanning bed acrylics by dulling, drying it out, or scratching it.  This will cut down on your tanning power by not allowing the UV light through and will wear out your tanning bed acrylics faster.

4). Apply a moisturizer to your skin daily to keep it soft and supple.  Use a moisturizing body wash.

5). A tan extender can help you extend your tan.

6). Wait 3-4 hours before showering after you  have been tanning.










TIP: Always Apply Indoor Tanning Lotion

Before Tanning In Your Tanning Bed And Use

A Moisturizer After Tanning!


Solar Storm Power Use Chart            


We Also Sell NEW Solar Wave Tanning Beds.

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We DO NOT compromise your safety like some of our competition by putting a unprotected cheap metal grid in our tanning units.
ALL Beds come with a top and bottom protective UV Acrylic shield.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the quality, appearance and performance of the product.
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