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Factory Replacement Parts and Full Lamp Kits



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Save money on tanning accessories and tanning bed acrylic cleaner.
Super Sunnies tanning goggles, tanning bed acrylic safe cleaner, tanning bed pillows
tanning body stickers / sun tan stencils for indoor and out door tanning.
SPF UVA & UVB protection lip balm and more!

Tanning Accessories Kit Coupon - Save Money on a Tanning Pillow, Goggles, and Acrylic Cleaner.

Save Money on Acrylic Safe Cleaner for Tanning Beds!
Safe to use on any plastic parts or tanning bed acrylic. Easy to use - just spray on and wipe off with a soft lint free cloth.



We DO NOT compromise your safety like some of our competition by putting a unprotected cheap metal grid in our tanning units.
ALL Beds come with a top and bottom protective UV Acrylic shield.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the quality, appearance and performance of the product.
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